Game of Thrones — Greatest Moments (Season 1)

Ned Stark.

1.1 ‘Winter is Coming’

Best moment: Jaime Lannister pushes Brandon Stark from the high tower in Winterfell.

1.2 ‘The Kingsroad’

Best moment: Catelyn Stark defends Bran from the catspaw assassin.

1.3 ‘Lord Snow’

Best moment: Robert Baratheon, Jaime Lannister, and Barristan Selmy share their war stories.

1.4 ‘Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things’

Best moment: The introduction of Samwell Tarly.

1.5 ‘The Wolf and the Lion’

Best moment: Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark duel in a King’s Landing street.

1.6 ‘A Golden Crown’

Best moment: Khal Drogo gives Viserys “the golden crown” he demanded.

1.7 ‘You Win or You Die’

Best moment: Littlefinger betrays Ned Stark in the throne room.

1.8 ‘The Pointy End’

Best moment: Jon Snow defends Lord Commander Mormont from a wight.

1.9 ‘Baelor’

Best moment: Ned Stark is beheaded.

1.10 ‘Fire and Blood’

Best moment: Daenerys Targaryen steps into Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre.



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