Game of Thrones — Greatest Moments (Season 4)

Prince Oberyn sits on the jury of Tyrion Lannister’s trial.

4.1 Two Swords

Best moment: Arya and the Hound attack Polliver’s men

4.2 The Lion and the Rose

Best moment: The death of King Joffrey at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell.

4.3 Breaker of Chains

Best moment: The wildlings attack Olly’s village south of the Wall.

4.4 Oathkeeper

Best moment: The introduction of the Night King and the Lands of Always Winter

4.5 First of His Name

Best moment: Jon Snow kills Karl Tanner and ends the mutiny at Craster’s Keep.

4.6 The Laws of Gods and Men

Best moment: Tyrion Lannister’s trial.

4.7 Mockingbird

Best moment: Prince Obyern declares himself as Tyrion’s champion.

4.8 The Mountain and the Viper

Best moment: Prince Oberyn faces off against the Mountain.

4.9 The Watchers on the Wall

Best moment: Ygritte is killed by Olly

4.10 The Children

Best moment: Tyrion Lannister kills Tywin and flees Westeros with Varys.



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