Game of Thrones — Greatest Moments (Season 7)

Brandon, Arya, and Sansa Stark walk through the Winterfell courtyard.

7.1 Dragonstone

Best moment: The Hound digs the graves of the family he left to starve.

7.2 Stormborn

Best moment: Theon Greyjoy suffers a PTSD relapse as Euron attacks the Iron fleet.

7.3 The Queen’s Justice

Best moment: The Lannisters take Highgarden, Lady Olenna drinks poison.

7.4 The Spoils of War

Best moment: Daenerys Targaryen ambushes the Lannister army.

7.5 Eastwatch

Best moment: Drogon allows Jon Snow to pet him.

7.6 Beyond the Wall

Best moment: Daenerys rejects Tyrion’s suggestions of democracy.

7.7 The Dragon and the Wolf

Best moment: Jaime Lannister finally leaves Cersei.



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