r/naath ranks every Game of Thrones episode

73. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (s5e6) [65.8]

“This is probably the worst episode of the series and it’s still pretty damned good.”

72. The Last of the Starks (s8e4) [72.0]

“Perhaps should have spread across a couple of episodes, maybe even three. A lot happens and you don’t get that much time to digest it. I love some scenes but find others — especially Rhaegal’s death — to be quite patchy.”

71. Lord Snow (s1e3) [72.2]

“A decent episode, but the weakest of the season. The Arya scene with Syrio was great.”

70. Sons of the Harpy (s5e4) [72.5]

“I still don’t get the rage over Ser Barristan’s death. He went down swinging, fought admirably for a dude in his twilight years, and let’s be honest, he wasn’t exactly a main character.”

69. The Night Lands (s2e2) [73.2]

“Tyrion’s season 2 scenes steal every episode.”

68. Valar Dohaeris (s3e1) [73.8]

“Loved this premiere. The story and the world continued to expand and it was fun to see.”

67. Winterfell (s8e1) [75.6]

66. Eastwatch (s7e5) [76.1]

65. Dark Wings, Dark Words (s3e2) [76.4]

64. The Kingsroad (s1e2) [76.9]

63. Garden of Bones (s2e4) [77.3]

62. The Prince of Winterfell (s2e8) [77.4]

“One of my favourite scores from Ramin is ‘Winterfell’ that plays during the last scene. Love this episode.”

61. No One (s6e8) [77.6]

“I always love the twist that trial by combat is outlawed now, but other than that I’ve just never been a fan of this one. The one I look forward to the least whenever I do rewatches.”

60. The Ghost of Harrenhal (s2e5) [77.8]

“Not a very memorable episode for me, but I really watching Arya with Tywin and Jaqen.”

59. High Sparrow (s5e3) [78.2]

“I love this episode. I enjoyed all of the scenes in King’s Landing, the North, and Essos.”

58. Beyond the Wall (s7e6) [78.6]

“Maybe it was seeing my favourite characters together as a suicide squad that did it for me, or maybe it was watching the Night King getting exactly what he would’ve wanted in an undead dragon, but I love this episode.”

57. The Red Woman (s6e1) [78.8]

56. Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things (s1e4) [79.3]

55. Blood of My Blood (s6e6) [79.5]

54. The Iron Throne (s8e6) [80.1]

53. Breaker of Chains (s4e3) [80.4]

52. The House of Black and White (s5e2) [80.5]

“The Dany scenes in this episode are great. We can see the first glimpses of how lonely she feels when she’s not being worshipped by her followers. It’s a sign of things to come.”

51. First of His Name (s4e5) [80.8]

“Love this episode and Tommen’s coronation.”

50. Dragonstone (s7e1) [81.7]

“Strong first episode that does what it should do. Slow paced, with longer scenes than before, because they don’t have that many characters and locations left after season 6.”

49. Kill the Boy (s5e5) [81.8]

“This is a brilliant episode. I love the Jon & Aemon scene and Tyrion seeing Drogon fly by is one of my favorite scenes of the entire show. I’ll never forget it.”

48. A Man Without Honor (s2e7) [81.9]

“Aside from ‘Blackwater’, my favourite episode of season 2.”

47. The Wars to Come (s5e1) [81.9]

“Love this premiere, especially Tyrion arriving in Pentos. It’s fun to see a whole new arc begin for Tyrion.”

46. Mhysa (s3e10) [82.5]

45. Oathbreaker (s6e3) [83.5]

44. The Wolf and the Lion (s1e5) [83.7]

43. The Gift (s5e7) [84.0]

42. Stormborn (s7e2) [84.1]

41. Winter is Coming (s1e1) [84.1]

“A really good episode. Draws the viewer into the story pretty well.”

40. The Queen’s Justice (s7e3) [84.1]

“The best episode of season 7.”

39. Oathkeeper (s4e4) [84.3]

“Season 4 is just consistent bangers. Favourite season hands down.”

38. The North Remembers (s2e1) [84.6]

“One of my favourite season premieres.”

37. The Pointy End (s1e8) [84.8]

“When Robb went from side character to the fucking Young Wolf.”

36. Second Sons (s3e8) [85.3]

35. The Dragon and the Wolf (s7e7) [85.3]

34. What is Dead May Never Die (s2e3) [85.6]

33. The Bear and the Maiden Fair (s3e7) [85.9]

32. The Broken Man (s6e7) [86.7]

31. Walk of Punishment (s3e3) [86.8]

30. The Old Gods and the New (s2e6) [86.8]

“Gotta say, the scenes at Winterfell in this episode are absolutely incredible. Some of the best in the show. ‘Gods help you, Theon Greyjoy. Now you are truly lost.’ is one of the very, very best lines from the series.”

29. Book of the Stranger (s6e4) [87.4]

“Sansa and Jon’s reunion in this episode is probably my favourite reunion in the show.”

28. The Climb (s3e6) [88.6]

“A great monologue and moment by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss that is not in the books.”

27. The Dance of Dragons (s5e9) [88.6]

“There’s a lot of fucked up things in this show, but what happened to Shireen is the only thing that made me genuinely sick to my stomach. Fantastic writing and acting.”

26. And Now His Watched is Ended (s3e4) [88.6]

“The combination of the mutiny beyond the Wall and (especially) the scenes in Astapor make it one of THE great mid-season episodes.”

25. Home (s6e2) [88.7]

24. The Long Night (s8e3) [89.2]

23. A Golden Crown (s1e6) [89.4]

22. The Bells (s8e5) [89.7]

21. Valar Morghulis (s2e10) [89.8]

20. You Win or You Die (s1e7) [89.9]

19. Two Swords (s4e1) [90.2]

18. Mockingbird (s4e7) [91.1]

17. The Spoils of War (s7e4) [92.1]

16. The Laws of Gods and Men (s4e6) [92.4]

15. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (s8e2) [92.5]

14. Mother’s Mercy (s5e10) [92.8]

13. Kissed by Fire (s3e5) [93.1]

12. The Door (s6e5) [93.4]

11. Blackwater (s2e9) [93.9]

10. Fire and Blood (s1e10) [94.4]

9. Baelor (s1e9) [94.8]

8. The Watchers on the Wall (s4e9) [95.2]

7. Battle of the Bastards (s6e9) [95.7]

6. The Lion and the Rose (s4e2) [95.9]

5. The Mountain and the Viper (s4e8) [96.6]

4. The Winds of Winter (s6e10) [96.6]

3. The Children (s4e10) [97.1]

2. Hardhome (s5e8) [97.5]

1. The Rains of Castamere (s3e9) [97.8]











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